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Girl with CherriesWe are a grassroots network of small family farms committed to sustainable, organic farming practices and to preserving the family farm way of life for future generations. is our new domain created to serve our customers by offering direct shipments from our farms to their homes. We have 18 years experience shipping direct from our farms to Seattle area grocery stores, home delivery services, CSAs and organic co-ops.

Our apples, pears and cherries are grown in the rich, fertile soils along the Columbia River in North Central Washington. The hot, dry desert summers and the cool September nights make our valley world famous. You’ll see and taste the difference in the color, texture, and flavor - a direct achievement of a small farmer’s love and passion for his orchard in harmony with the environment that sustains it.

All of our fruit is 100% certified organic and shipped fresh and direct from our farm to your home. ECO skips all the big packers, grocery store chains, and other middlemen and connects you directly to our local farms, as if you had picked the fruit yourself. 

Explore our site and learn about our fruit, our philosophy and how to join the ECO family!