The fuji is one of the most popular varieties in the U.S. – and with good reason. Because of its sweet flavor and intensely juicy and crisp texture, the fuji apple is very versatile. It can be cooked, used in salads, dressings, applesauce, or snacks. Originally developed in Japan, Fujis are a cross between the Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet. The variety was introduced to the United States in the 1960’s and has been a favorite ever since.

Month Availability: February


The Braeburn is a cultivar of apple that is firm to the touch with a red-orange vertical streaky appearance on a yellow-green background. It was discovered as a chance seedling in 1952 by the farmer O. Moran from Waiwhero in the Moutere Hills near Motueka, New Zealand. It was then cultivated by the Williams Brothers nursery as a potential export variety. It is thought to be a cross between Granny Smith and Lady Hamilton. The apple itself is named after Braeburn Orchard where it was first commercially grown. Braeburn apples have a unique combination of sweet and tart flavor.

Month Availability: March


The Cameo is a cultivar apple discovered by the Caudle family in Dryden, Washington apple orchard in 1987. The parents are uncertain but it is assumed to be a cross between a Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. It is a bright red striped apple with a creamy orange color that is firm and crisp. The tart, sweet flavor makes it ideal for eating fresh and baking in your favorite desserts.

Month Availability: April


The Pinova is a German hybrid apple created by the Institute for Fruit Research and introduced in 1986. It is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Cox Orange Pippin. Being the perfect balance of both sweet and tart, it is generally golden-colored with a stripy pink blush. Juicy, crisp and firm. First taste is a Golden Delicious, and then you will be delighted with a flavor you can’t describe that is luscious and satisfying. The Pinova is a very versatile apple being great for eating fresh or for baking in your favorite desert.

Month Availability: October


The first Gala apple tree was one of many seedlings resulting from a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Cox Orange Pippen planted in New Zealand in the 1930’s by orchardist J.H. Kidd. In October of 1974 an employee of Stark Bros Nursery obtained a US plant patent for the variety.

Gala apples are a smaller variety and are usually red with a portion being greenish or yellow-green, vertically striped. They are fairly resistant to bruising and are sweet, grainy, with a mild flavor and a thinner skin than most apples. They do best eaten fresh or added to salads.

Month Availability: August | September