• Q: What type of organic certification does your orchard hold?
    A: We are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).
  • Q: What type of organic fertilizers do you use in your orchard?
    A: Composted manure from free-range chickens. WSDA supplies a list of organic fertilizers we can use to retain our “organic” certification.
  • Q: What types of pest control do you incorporate?
    A: We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which among other things promotes “good insects” to eat “bad insects”. We spray oil in a timely manner to smother the eggs of “bad insects”. We also use “pheromone confusion” to trick male coddling moths and disrupt their mating. This all requires a detailed understanding of the insect life of the orchard and their respective life cycles.
  • Q: Do you use plastic in any of your packing materials?
    A: No. Eco uses Geami Sustainable Protective Packaging as an earth friendly replacement for plastic bubble and foam wraps. Unlike oil-based materials, Geami packaging is produced from paper, which is recyclable and renewably sourced. Geami’s raw materials are grown in the soil, converted to product, used, recycled where possible or composted and returned to the soil. The packaging also preserves the integrity and freshness better than traditional materials. We also use Excelsior Natural wood shavings to secure the fruit in the recyclable gift boxes
  • Q: How many varieties of apples are for sale through My Eco Farmer?
    A: We offer 7 different varieties of apples. Including Gala, Fuji, Pinova, Pink Lady, Honey Crisp, Cameo, and Braeburn.
  • Q: Where is your farm located?
    A: Our farm is located just outside of Brewster, WA on the banks of the Columbia River. The address is 25770 HWY 97, Brewster WA 98812.
  • Q: Can I visit your farm?
    A: Yes! We would love to have you come visit. Call the farm or send us an email and we can set up a time for you to come visit.
  • Q: What is the cost of delivery? Do you ship to Alaska?
    A: Delivering is included in the final cost of $49.00 per box. For Alaska residents, there is an extra charge of $25.00.
  • Q: How long will the fruit last after it has arrived?
    A: If refrigerated, 2-3 weeks.
  • Q: How do I send fruit to someone as a gift?
    A: If you would like to send someone a gift box of apples, just contact us via the contact form, let us know you are sending a gift, then we can proceed like it is a normal order with the appropriate shipping address! We also work with companies to provide employee gifts, which are great for the holiday season!